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tv   Fox and Friends Sunday  FOX News  September 13, 2015 3:00am-7:01am PDT

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hi friends and food morning today. it's sunday september 13th, 2015. the presidential hopefuls trying to gain yardings and working the crowds and taking it to one another at donald trump says no more mr. nice guy. >> we're tired with the nice stuff. we need people that are really really smart and can get things done. i am the candidate. okay. drivers terrorize and the
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bullets fly and a message from police that says that it's far from over. he won an award and now fans don't want to hug it out with adrian about a post about 9/11. did he take it too far? fox and friends begins right now. ♪ > it's fox and friends live from new york. more like a middle age plan. it's the first day -- well, thuz night was the official day of the first nfl but sunday is the first. we want you send in your team spirit and pictures this morning.
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we're going to have big daddy. >> he getting everything. >> he actually predicted the football. he is if fox and sports football. >> and it's his birthday and he got engaged. we're celebrating a lot. send in your football pictures. first to political news. pig skin and politics met yesterday. we had trump, rubeio, rand paul and walker. here >> i think that donald trump is an entertain er. i think that i am a leader, so what i do is talk to the american people about the issues that they care about, and they they hear what i am talking about. >> we asked her two weekends ago or maybe last weekend on the show if she was attacking.
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you're start to go see the gloves come off and going after him as an entertain er e. we saw rick perry in the farewell speech that they need to get away from the factor and down to the grass roots. >> yeah, frshe was asked how ar you going to be on the debate. she is not in the happy hour debate but the real one. she was asked if she was going to demand an apology from donald trump about the face and would you vote for that? he has walked back to the comments and talking about the perso persona. she said no, i am not going ask him to apology. >> a lot of people are saying that he is an entertain er. it does seem a little bit insulting for those that are supporting trump.
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it's like you're too dumb to know the difference between a leader. here is what rand paul said about trump. >> he said what does it say when a three and a half term governor bows out as a reality star leads in the polls. i don't know. people made that same thing as ronald reagan and how that worked out for him. >> he was the dwov nor of california. >> yeah, they tried that after. >> yeah, donald trump says when you attack me the numbers seem to go down. is this a direct correlation? he also says no more mr. nice guy because he has been nice in the past. listen. >> i don't think that it matters this time. i think that today we're looking for real super confidence. we're tired with the nice stuff. we need people that are really really smart and competent and
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can get things done. we need people -- we need people with an aggressive tone and energy. i am the candidate. >> i love how changed he is. he is so new york. candidates win when they sit the moment. it's all about the moment. he might be right that americans are so upset on the way that thingin things are going that they're looking for a guy like that. >> i think that people would settle for somebody that's moderately competent. let us you know what you think. do you think that being nice matters? do you want your president to be nice? let us know what you think fox and or you can weigh in the facebook thread this morning. we will read that.
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>> does this mean being a gentlemen or getting things done? new development in the e-mail scandal. turn thes out that we could know a lot more of the questions that we have been asking for a week. >> you were the official service. did you wipe the server? >> i don't know how it works at all. >> christian is following the latest big news? >> reporter: yeah, they're saying that the denver based tech company that managed it is saying that it has no knowledge of that server being whipped clean. that means that fbi may have a better chance of recovering the deleted e-mails. she said that she deleted all of the personal correspondence as the secretary of the state.
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there's a big difference in deleting and wiping a server. she joked with what a clothe. it's a question that they have been avoiding but accord to go the tech company, they say that they have no knowledge of the server ever being whipped clean. this is at the same time that a group is out with a new report depending the e-mail arrangement with the secretary of the statement they argue that it was a smart move because of what we have seen on the government system. it's not clear if the set up that she was using was anyfer. >> great point. it's not the server but the hard drive. if you whip them clean with a factory whip, fast one thing. if you want to really make sure that the data is not there you put them down to little fine grands of sand. >> and spread it out to sea. >> they still exist and they --
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>> you put them in the wood stove. the highway horror continues. the 19-year-old arizona man detained as a person of interest in the free way shootings is not the prime suspect. this has at least four more driver weres report that had the windows were shattered just yesterday. police believe that the incident are caused by debris and not relate today the shooting. the drivers disagree. >> it's impossible. you're doing 65 miles an hour and it could be on the windshield but not on the side of the window. >> if investigation continues. four firefighters waking up in a burn unit after battling aa new fast moving fire. the flames over taking them and all four expected to recover.
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the fire is swelling to 25,000 acres. to the south it's 100 miles. 90 homes burning to the ground as thousands of homes are threatened. united we go forth. thousands gathering in houston texas honoring darren. walking nearly five milings and carrying banners and reading police lives matter. shannon miles is charged with capital murder at a gas station last night. history last night against the rays. ortiz to right field. look it up, and it's gone. david ortiz the newest member of the 500 club. >> david ortiz known as big
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poppy is known as the 27th player to reach 5,700 homers. it was the second homer of the night. >> good job. we're still talking base bauchlth it feels like football. you say that when the team is out. >> yeah, you're not used go talking about baseball. >> it's the time where baseball and football over lap. >> yeah, for some. this is the cold air mass and it feels like you fall all across the great lakes. tomorrow morning that's across the east coast and so as the kids head out to the bus stop, be careful. you may want to put the coats on them. down to the south east and it's 55 degrees in atlanta right now. that's certainly not normal for this time of o the year. that's demihind the front that brought heavier periods of rain.
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that's going to move out of here. we're going watch this continue to pull to the east and that cold air settle behind it. real quickly rain moving in and we will get the moisture in there. with the fires that we're dealing with a little bit of lightening. that's sparking a lot and you have the moisture and lightening happens. the rain does not make it to the ground to stop any of the fires that's temperatures cool down by monday and tuesday. well 9/11 tweets and social media and people saying that they will never forget. it was odd when adrian posted this tweet and lit up twitter. >> rip the 296 americans that died and rip the 1 million 455,000 innocent iraq keys that
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died during the u.s. innovation for something that they did not do. >> here is the weird thing about the tweet. i think that it's legit to point out the problems. it's people like trump was honest and it did not help each other. what cotdo the event versus to complain. i found that insulting and dumb. >> yeah, that was against the people in the bush administration who said that you have to hit people and hit them hard. it had nothing to do with iraq, but afghanistan who was housing the terrorism at the time. . i don't know what the two have to do with each other. >> well with, it's 14 years later and there are americans that are coming of age and do not remember 9/11 or the gravity. i was just down there and they read all 3,000 names, and all of
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the names come with families that are mourning. the survivors and the first responders families and all of them. they still go through this. it's very real. it's like it happened yesterday to them. it's just disrespect to do that. >> what about the americans that died in iraq too. next up the gop candidates are fired up after rick perry exits the race. >> governor rick perry is done. good luck. he was nasty to me. >> he is gone. good luck. now the others are are taking i am at donald trump. is it working? this is in credible. a mother waking up from a coma after hearing the newborn baby cry. the amazing story is ahead. at ally bank no branches equals great rates. it's a fact.
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good morning. 16 minutes past the hour. presidential candidates fired up as rick perry dropped out of the race for the white house. what does it say when a three and a half term governor bows out as a reality star leads in the polls? it's taking i am at donald trump the right strategy. joining us now is staff writer for the washington weekend and eric the political strategist and howard dean press secretary. good morning guys. >> good morning. >> okay. i am going to start with you. is this something that we will see really rallying together? it seems in an effort to take down donald trump in the polls. >> yeah, once more candidates start to drop out you're going see the republican voters around the trump alternative.
3:18 am
the faster that happens the worst position that he is going to be. i think that he has a sell of the report and the worst position that trump is going to be, that's what he need to be about right now. >> what do you you think about senator pall saying that he is a reality star. he is more than that. is that a fair assessment to say that? >> well, partially donald trump admit that is he is an entertain er and rain a multimillion dollar business. if we say that you have to be a four term governor, then that's against other people in the race. i get it. there's frustration that trump with no experience has come in and destroyed the fields, but i don't think that's a fair assessment. >> i thought that she was good
3:19 am
when she declined to get a comment about her face. not taking him on directly is a good strategy. ben carson has not gone after him. he has a lot of supporters that are noticing when they see it and pick on donald trump. >> what do the democrats think. is this a team come true for them? >> yeah. >> i know there's polling now and he is not going to be hillary. he is probably easiest candidate to b. when push comes to shove and think okay this is going to be the person that sit in the oval office, they're not pulling for donald trump. >> a lot of polls said that he won if first debate. what do you think from the second? >> well, he will continue the act. that's mean of me. i think he will do well because nothing he seems to say that might sink another campaign seems to do any damage. the opposite and the numbers improve.
3:20 am
i don't think any of reason that he needs to change. >> what do you think of carly and being able to go from the first debate of the happy hour? >> well, it's a big thing for her. it's a huge deal and everyone naught she did well on the debate. once you start to rise, people go after your record. her record at hp is dismal. he does not have a strong answer, and donald trump going to go after that. he will stay away from going after her personally. >> thank you guys. high school diplomas and our next guest says that we need to fight the education standards high. plus stephen colbert wears a black lives matter wristband on the late show. is he a winner or activist? let us know your thoughts on this one.
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i was going to the library to do my homework. it was a little bit of a walk to get to the bus stop. i had to wait in line to use the computer. took a lot of juggling to keep it all together.
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what's possible when you have high-speed internet at home? the library never closes. it makes it so much better to do homework when you're at home. internet essentials from comcast. helping to bridge the digital divide. that country reporting a high reserve of uranium to be mined near one of the nuclear sites. it continue vera determines claims that the supply was running out. and russia telling our military leader to cooperate or fair consequences. it comes after the in creasing involvement in the syria civil war crisis.
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tucker? thanks a lot clayton. you failed the exit exam and did not do well, but we're going give you a diploma. they're going do it retro actively. roughly 40,000 students that failed the exit exam will get a diploma any way. does it hurt or help them. dawn, it's great to see you. >> hi there. >> this is a political factor. i want to get to the heart of it. is this good for kids? >> i really honestly believe that this is another example of falling through the cracks in the educational system. we really need to understand that the larger class sidzes ar
3:26 am
just hurting us. the low teacher the student ratio is a big problem. we need to work on the home school connection. bringing the parents into the school. it starts at home. those of you you as em kay tornados need to find what to do and let them know how they're children are doing and open up all avenues in california. it used to have some of the best and now some of the worst. i wonder why there's not a federal task force figuring out how it claollapsed. >> that would be a fantastic solution. >> now, you you have the perry school here in new york city, and you have a different take on what children need to succeed in school. what's your secret? >> well, i really believe in
3:27 am
early childhood years. that's when the brain is developing and to start them at a young age skpen as early as baby. we have a program and that's a program where the children come with the care givers and we teach them all areas of development and teach the children from the get go. we continue through -- it really gets them ready for what you're talking about and the class sizes. one teacher in a classroom. what sets the stage for the life? it's builds the stage for the academics to give them the best start in life. >> how key is it. my sense is that when moms care and kids thrive. >> yeah, it's essential.
3:28 am
that's one of the goals every year. if we don't have a parent involved, i have seen children at 50 percent of what they can with be. >> that's depressing. >> yeah. >> thanks a lot. congratulations on your school. >> thank you so much. dramatic rescue. officers save a man and his grandfather. it's all caught on camera:he nailed the prediction last year as he always does. rick is back with the picks and who is going to make it to the super bowl and few sur were prize teams. big daddy in the house. ♪ the 306 horsepower lexus gs. experience the next level of performance, and there's no going back. lease the 2015 gs 350 with complimentary navigation system for these terms. see your lexus dealer.
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like an open sore, the flu, or a history of copd, a chronic lung disease. orencia may worsen your copd. if you're not getting the relief you need... ask your doctor about orencia. orencia. see your ra in a different way. vrks fooichl fremplds and could not find it when it's aimed back down. >> it was not until this year that a hick er came across and tracked it down and the students returned it. so if you're out there thinking about starting the youtube
3:33 am
channel, that's how you get a rocket ship and go pro . >> i think that you need a go fund me account before. >> yeah. >> if you have been watching the late night you notice that the latest entrance was wearing something on his wrist. cannot see it but it's a black lives matter wristband. >> the fans on social media asked them to wear it. >> he has a long history of doing this. people has been coming up to him and he would have an arm full of wristbands and people know that's his thing. >> he ran into him and asked him if he would wear it. i told him that i have been involved in the black lives matter movement for the last year. i said for one member of the ruling to another and laughed and said the ruling class, what
3:34 am
do you rule? i rule the theater. i said you do. i am going put you on the stop and ask you to wear this black lives matter on the wristband and say it once during the show because i think that audience needs to hear it. i said i make promises to no one. >> i don't know if he mentioned it on the air. it's possible that he is so rich famous and so totally out of touch that he does not understand what that represents. here is my concern. steven colbert is a talented character, but there's a string in the comedy. do you really want to get into this the fist weak in the air and diving first of the social movement in america. >> it's devicive. there are a lot of supporters for the group. the problem is that there are so many fractions and i hope that steven colbert is not supporting
3:35 am
the group fry the bacon. >> or the one that attacked the truck because he had blue lives matter on it. >> yeah, the veteran or the one that makes bernie sanders get booed off stage. is it that group or the others to have involved? >> it's the idea and that's that you decide people based on the skin color. everybody's life matter. >> later on we have a guest coming on from the leader of america and 20 democrats and 20 republicans trying to do it in a peaceful way. 35 minutes after the hour and other headlines making it.
3:36 am
a woman died on a cruise ship. the 69-year-old woman fell over board be. her body was recovered nearly two hours later. fbi officials trying to see what went wrong. the dramatic movement that officers snap into action to rescue a driver and the grandson. he said that he did not realize that the water was so deep when he got flooded in texas. officers pulled them out of the windows and helped them to safety. no one you was hurt. and brought back to life by the sound of her newborn. last year she slip into a coma during an emergency c section. doctors tried to wake her up for a week. that's when they decided to place her newborn on the chest. the baby let out a whale and shelly opened her eyes.
3:37 am
she's doing great and they just celebrated her first birthday. we're hearing more of this amazing story at 8:20 here on fox and friends. a weather guy finds a way to impress himself. >> don't just stand there. strike a pose there's nothing to it. things are looking a little tricky and hearing it on any window tips and feeling the pain. poppa don't preach. we're not. there's a ray of light. >> that's mike thomas a madonna forecast just before the rebel heart tour. >> i thought that i had no rhythm. >> if it can rain. >> did he ever give the weather? >> yeah, good for him.
3:38 am
yeah, good for him and only him. >> yeah, who are you going do miley or brittney. sn. >> it's not going to happen. i am not that kind of weather guy. take a look at the maps. we will see what's going on. we have the rain across new england today and much chillier temperatu temperatures that it's been and over night tonight and the temperatures are dropping into the 50s and 40s in the higher elevation. get ready for the chilly fall and it's very very happy. down across the south east we have the rain showers that are going to continue across florida. that front just stalled out here and behind that a really sunny beautiful fall like day. a great day for the football and northern plans and tons of sunshine. that's all that we have going on. the wind and fire conditions and we will continue to watch out for those conditions to improve this week as well.
3:39 am
football weather. >> yeah, that's football weather. thanks. dust off the grill and clear the whole sunday schedule. i know that i am. football is finally back. the first sunday of the nfl season kicks off just a few hours from now. joining us is big daddy that just celebrated a birthday. you're celebrating watching the nfl games. >> absolutely. >>congratulations. you said that -- >> that's my finance. >> you just got engaged. >> yeah. >> last year you predicted that they would win the super bowl? >> that's what i went with. just a gut feeling. >> okay. the afc. who do you have on the top of the afc? >> i like the colts. they're going make the jump. >> you were impressed with them
3:40 am
in the preseason? >> yeah, i am . they made the move and they're going to be the team in the afc. >> and you have the new england patriot's again if they stay healthy. >> as long as they got brady, they're all in the game. you know what, they have gave up play itself and that's the best to steelers. now about the nfc who is going that? se seattle. >> you like them? >> yeah, i want them to go and do the job. i think seattle will do it again. >> and you have the packers at the top. >> yeah, green bay loses and then there's a big hot hit and then randall cob is injured. that hurts them a little bit but aaron rodgers is aaron rodgers.
3:41 am
>> who is going to win the super bowl this year. it will be seattle and indy. >> wow. who is going to invest snit we will get the video tape rolling. >> i think that seattle is going to come back. >> yeah, after a disappointing loss last year. >> they're going well and remember like we were talking before they made so many changes and confusing moves. it has to go up or down. >> i thouhope that it goes up. you're going see atlanta tomorrow. >> yeah. have you ever asked is the pope catholic. it's on news week. we're here to wave in on that. parents does your child use snap chat?
3:42 am
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up to show his neon light. another design is featuring a new character and from the upcoming film force unleashed. she opened at christmas. the first bright is between tokyo and dan. you can enter the light speed. is the pope category rick? that's on the news week. >> yeah, the magazine ask if he is catholic. >> no you here to weigh in on the cover and debate is father jonathan morris. i saw this yesterday at the train station, and i was asking is news week still around. >> apparently. >> apparently i saw it. i was like that's a controversy
3:47 am
cover. why are this asking the question sns. >> well i am glad that the pope's message is getting out and we're having a debate about an important issue. yes, he has revolutionized the way in which we talk about certain issues. we're used to the pope is conservative. it's about protecting the dog of the church. pope francis has said that i am going protect the core teachings, and we're going the talk about it in a way that people approximate that are on the fringes can get a tracted to those core teaching. i think that's we do. it's making some people very nervous. >> how far is he deviating if at all? >> he is not deviating at all from the core of teaching. pope is going to have a different opinion on things and examples that are social issues that require decisions, for example the role of capitalism
3:48 am
and the free market. pope francis is a liberal subpoena he is not democrat or a republican. he is saying to take care of the poor. extreme elements and unbridle can be dangerous. it's coming from latin america. >> you can look at churches across the country and they're changing the services to contemporary or having a second service that's contemporary to get young people to want to come and be apofart of it. >> those are approaches and i think that they're not teaching those and saying that you can get divorce and remarried and have sex and do this and that just in order to attract people. that's stupid. i don't go to church to get
3:49 am
affirmed but to be invited and encouraged to change. i think that pope francis is doing it, but in a way that's reaching out to people again and those that are not connected. we're doing a lot of coverage on this and for those that are reporting and let other people decide if they like his approach or not. you can be a good christian and catholic and not like the pope. it's okay. you can learn -- i think that we can learn, but at the same time the pope has different approaches. >> coming to america i cannot think of a better guide to walk it through than you. >> i am looking forward to it a lot. >> right around the corner. we have been asking hillary clinton about her server for weeks. >> you were the official attorney, did you wipe the server? >> with a clothe?
3:50 am
>> i don't know. >> i don't know how it works at all. >> could be that the e-mails could be recovered. parents, these social media apps that could exposure child to stranger danger. the warning that you need to know. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ test test test test. i take prilosec otc each morning for my frequent heartburn. because it gives me... zero heartburn! prilosec otc. the number 1 doctor-recommended frequent heartburn medicine for 9 straight years. one pill each morning. 24 hours. zero heartburn.
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welcome back. 71% of teens say they use more than one social networking site, all the more reason parents need to pay closer attention to what they are kids doing on line. there's a growing number of apps
3:54 am
that allow children to hide pictures and videos. >> where are all the kids going after facebook? because as you know, as a kid, the folks are on there now going hi, honey, i like this and i like that. the kids are going that's not cool. mom is watching everything. >> so messaging is moved to another place. >> totally going somewhere else. take a look at this one. this is an amazing app. you said you just discovered or looked at it. >> kik messager, what is this? >> this is a very robust messenger. this one really has a lot of chats that you can enter into. the problem for this for parents is that there really is no rule here. anyone can pretend they are anybody on this, and they can turn into all sorts of dangerous things for kids who are out and about thinking they are talking with another child, but maybe they are not and there's some stranger danger there and that's on the way you can connect up
3:55 am
with other apps within this app. oink text is one of the ones that's something to watch out for. you want to take a look at your child's phone, take a look at it. have an open conversation about that. look at snapchat. they are great. they have self-destructing messages inside of this. you could send a photo or video on this one and is it expires in a few minutes, that's good in a sense if your child is putting something they shouldn't on line or sharing a private family moment that you wouldn't want out there forever it will go away. it will also make kids feel more liberated and share things they shouldn't and at times, they will share things they shouldn't. >> burn note, what is that? >> it's very much like that. it's self-destructing. i can send a message. if you look at what we're using, when you get a message, it says,
3:56 am
hi, what you said about elizabeth is true, i love you, kurt. well, that's a message that's going to expire and you see the timer and, 4, 3, 2, 1, that message is now history. no one else can see it, but i had to hold my finger over it to see it. that keeps people from copying the screen. if your kid is using this, the question is why? why do you have this? >> you can't do like a screen capture or anything like that. >> difficult to do a screen capture. >> that vanishes for a while. >> we've got more on line, if you want to look there, we'll show them to you. >> coming up here on the show, the gloves are off, donald trump under attack from his opponents after rick perry drops out of the race. plus it's the first football sunday of the year, any fan with high hopes for their team, which fans are the most optimistic. the answer when we come back may surprise you, actually. ♪
3:57 am
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4:00 am
hello, friends. good morning, today is sunday the september 13th. big skin and politics. donald trump takes off the gloves. >> he's weak on immigration, on the military, he's got no chance. he's down so low with his polls. he's got no chance. >> will his message score a touchdown with voters? wild fires exploding across the west. four firefighters in the hospital this morning as hundreds flee. we've got the details. super model molly sims is under fire this morning. her message to new moms, take off the yoga pants.
4:01 am
what is wrong with molly sims? you're hoping they will put that picture back up, won't you? >> right. "fox & friends" hour two starts right now. ♪ ♪ wake me up when it's all over. ♪ ♪ >> whoa. ricky, time to wake up. >> live from our bed, it's "fox & friends." your mom was wrong, according to a new study this morning, making your bed could be hazardous to your health. my wife is on to something. >> you are the bed maker in your family. >> you wake up, you make your bed. >> do you make it every day? >> i make it in hotel rooms. >> you make the tight corners? >> yes, i do. >> do you make your bed? >> i make my bed every day. >> a new study why this may be hazardous to your health.
4:02 am
>> more new studies, unbelievable. we want to bring you the latest from the presidential race. every day, more drama, more excitement. rick perry has dropped out. that frees up everybody else in the race to focus trump. here's is rand paul. what does it say about the republican governor with successful record of creating jobs bows out as a reality star leads in the polls? >> sucking up all the oxygen in the room, there is frustration among these candidates who can't seem to get their message out there in the face of donald trump? here is governor mike huckabee addressing this very issue. listen. >> i know it's entertaining and i know that ratings go up and ratings mean money, but we're talking about the presidency of the united states. we're talking about who is going to lead this country, who is going to go out there and find a
4:03 am
way to really bring jobs, bring security. we just saw an iranian deal get made that is dangerous to whether or not my grandchildren are going to live. it's that serious. and we can't look at this as how entertaining it is. we need to be looking at this as will this great repp -- republic of ours survive another generation. >> these guys are so frustrated. a lot of them are serious people and have put everything on the line. they have put their lives on hold. they are going into debt. they don't see their families, and people are attacking them and nobody is paying attention to their campaigns because donald trump is taking up as you said all the oxygen. they are really frustrated. >> governor huckabee mentioning the ratings going up and ratings meaning money for the television stations. donald trump saying the numbers are going down in the polls for anybody who tries to attack him. listen. >> rand is weak on immigration, weak on the military. he's got no chance.
4:04 am
he's down so low with his polls. he's got no chance, but he was very nice to me and all of a sudden a week and a half two weeks ago, he started attacking me, just like perry did, just like senator lindsey graham did who is down to almost zero. they all attacked me and so far everybody who has attacked me, including jeb bush, jeb bush when he started was at 18, now he's at 7 and 8. i don't know if that's because of me, but it certainly seems to be unlucky to attack me. >> this hyper-connected world where literally it take seconds for people to tune out if you start talking and droning on and on about something. we're in this new era, think about theodore roosevelt and jfk during the debates and now we're entering this hyper-connected era where maybe people don't want to hear about the iranian
4:05 am
deal. people want to connect with people. >> if you are a republican, and you spend a lot of time and money to get the republican in congress, the congress can't stop taxpayer dollars going to the monsters of planned parenthood. >> to your point, with social media changing the way this election cycle is going. i've noticed a lot of people on facebook and twitter who have never weighed in on politics ever and they are all wearing those hats, make america great again. >> there's not a deep discussion about policy and nuance of any of these issues. what they want is leadership. you are seeing thousands of people commenting on our ff weekend page.
4:06 am
>> we're three days away from all these guys meeting on one stage. they are going to land on him like a wolfpack. clearly, the candidates in the fox debate were afraid to go after trump. most of them didn't. rand paul a little bit. this time, i think they are going to savagely attack him. >> i think they are really going to start attacking his character and saying this is about his ego, he just wants to be the president because he wants to be the most powerful. >> let us know what you think. go to our facebook page this morning. >> i'm not saying i agree or disagree with that. >> they have already been saying it. they have already been talking about -- >> we heard bobby jindal say that. other stories making headlines. the highway horror continues. more possible shootings reported along phoenix's busiest freeway. four drivers say their windows
4:07 am
were shattered yesterday. police say it was debris and not shootings. the drivers disagree. >> it's impossible, 65 miles an hour, it could be on the windshield, but not on the side. >> a police say a person detained as a person of interest is not the prime suspect. four firefighters waking up inside a burn unit this morning after battling a fast-moving california wildfire. they are all expected to recover as residents in lake county are forced to evacuate after several homes were already consumed by raging flames. to the south, the erratic butte fire has expanded to the size of orlando. evacuation orders are in place as thousands of homes are threatened. a major development on hillary clinton's email server.
4:08 am
shedding light on something we've been asking for weeks. >> you were the official in charge. did you wipe the server? wnchts a cloth or something the. >> i don't know. you know how it works digitally. >> i don't know how it works digitally at all. >> the tech company that manage clinton's private email server reportedly never wiped it clean. that means investigators could recover the 31,000 deleted emails she deemed entirely personal. so far, inspectors have found nearly it 00 emails from the server with materials considered classified. and a waterspout outbreak over lake michigan, more than a dozen spotted yesterday. fall is peak time for water spouts as colder air moves in over warm water. those are your headlines. thank you, meteorologist anna kooiman. >> while our real meteorologist has woken up from his stupor. >> hey, rick.
4:09 am
>> we might see a few more of those water spouts across lake michigan today as well as this system is moving over that area. take a look at the maps. a number of thing i want to show you. one, take a look at this chilly air that has settled in across parts of the great lakes. 42 degrees in green bay as you are waking up this morning, cooler air stretches all across the south. 49 in louisville. that chillier air is going to move across the mid atlantic and the northeast tomorrow morning, get ready. break those coats out today while you are watching some football games. that's all behind this front that brought very heavy rain. we've seen six inches of rain across parts of pennsylvania over this week which is a lot compared to what they saw this summer and then we have a little bit of rain showers across parts of the southwest but we still have fire danger all these areas we see there in red, fire threat again again. very windy conditions. we do see conditions improve by monday and tuesday of this week,
4:10 am
so we'll look forward to that. back to you inside. it's football sunday, rick, and, you know, certain teams, certain cities like philadelphia are notorious for the way fans act and you assume certain things about those fans. >> get out of my ear. my producer just insulting philadelphia fans. so are certain cities depressed about their season or certain cities positive about their season? positive and negative. >> science has weighed in on this. there is a study on this one and we have one. first place, optimistic, kansas city chiefs followed close by the miami dolphins and minnesota vikings. >> maybe it's the nice midwestern part of america, right, except for miami. they are just happy with the sun in miami. what do they have to be upset about it? >> that doesn't really work out when you look at those least optimistic fans with the
4:11 am
sunshine, the san diego chargers are the least optimistic along with the new england patriots and the pittsburgh steelers. >> why would the patriots be pessimistic? >> maybe it's that new england pessimism. >> it must be. >> what does that mean? >> i don't know. we're just -- we don't have that southern like optimism. we're just kind of expecting things to go poorly. look at new york fans. >> bitter cold, right? i mean, that's -- i don't know, they have no reason to be sad in boston, so that is a very convincing. >> san diego, i get, they get -- they get close but never win. pittsburgh i get. i went to the school of university of pittsburgh. it's the second-most overcast city behind seattle. >> it all goes back to the weather. >> yeah, it does. as you can tell, we're
4:12 am
continuing the science here. a little pop psychology. your theories for why these teams are the most and least optimist optimistic, tell us what they are. or if you disagree with that, tell us why. >> senled us your game day pictures, what are you wearing today, show us your jerseyss. >> the steelers wave a towel, it's called the terrible towel, after all. >> terrible. >> terrible, you yinsers. >> the obama administration wants to bring 10,000 syrian refugees to the u.s. but could it make for a national security crisis. plus plus there's no speeding ticket for this dispute. the story behind this photo that will have you laughing this morning. hi my name is tom.
4:13 am
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4:16 am
your email is pouring in on this subject, a lot of americans are outrage over president obama's plans to take in at at least 10,000 of syrian refugees. >> he's informed his team that he would like them to accept at least 10,000 syrian refugees. the top concern or the top priority when evaluating these kind of policy options is the safety and security of the united states and our citizens. >> so if that's the top concern, why are we doing this in the first place? could we be opening the door to terrorists? joining us now is nick ki constance. here you have at least 10,000,
4:17 am
mostly 70% men from the country with the worst civil war in the world. why is it a good thing for us? >> i think we have a long history. our country was built off of this. this is why all of our families -- >> bringing in refugees. >> bringing in refugees all over the world. the reality is this is a drop in the bucket. when germany, which is a quarter of a size of our economy is bringing in 800,000 syrians a year and we're bringing in at this point in 2013, we only had 36 syrians come in, now it's up to a couple hundred a month. there's a screening process. it's not like we're opening the doors up. >> we're letting in more immigrants than we did during the days of ellis island. we've let in tens of millions of refugees from around the world over the past 15 years. why is it good for us?
4:18 am
>> it improves our countries. it's our values. saudi arabia was even bringing in -- they claim to have been bringing in syrian refugees. do we want to be the gulf states or do we want to be the leaders for freedom? >> we feel better about ourselves? does it improve our education? no. does it improve job opportunities for americans? no. what exactly does it do? >> immigrants are half of our entrepreneurs in the country. it does actually improve our economy. these people who will become workers or they can come in here on humanitarian visas and that's really what people are looking at right now. this is a crisis we're very much a part of, it the instability in the middle east, not totally responsible for it, but a part of it. we owe it to the world to create stability. this is part of that process. >> in places of the country that have accepted a lot of refugees from muslim parts of the world, in minneapolis, st. paul, portland, maine, they have problems with domestic terrorism, big time.
4:19 am
there's a direct connection between that population and the risk of terror. how can this aadministration assure the public they are going to screen these people to make sure they are not connected to terrorism? that's a lie. >> refugees is a much more qualified, you have to screen family members. >> it hasn't worked in the past. >> it has worked in the past for humanitarian refugees. you are making two separate conclusions about two separate arguments. you have immigrants who came in who are third generation in milwaukee and you have refugees seeking better lives, families that have gone through a screening process the past several months, to see whether or not their family members, whether they have been part of any war or conflict. this is a serious consideration. the u.n. is very involved in this process and to be fair we're bottlenecked. it's not like we're bringing in hundreds of thousands. >> i have no control over this. no one cares what i think. it's going to happen. >> international law says we
4:20 am
cannot deny refugees. >> who cares? we're not bound by international law. he won hearts in hollywood but many are annoyed with his post about 9/11. and super model molly sims has a grotesque message for new moms. take off the yoga pants. we've got a fair and balanced debate on yoga pants coming up.
4:21 am
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♪ ♪ get your calculators it's time for news by your numbers. first up, volunteer firemen rescue 100 pound tortoise found
4:24 am
a mile from his northern new jersey home. sully is his name. he's back home and in time-out and tired. next, 49 and 0. that's floyd mayweather's career is over. happy birthday super mario. he turns 30 years old today. he was introduced in the united states back in 1985. anna. being a mom is a tough job but does it mean women should stop taking care of themselves? well, super model molly sims telling fellow mothers to put on a nice pair of jeans and dress up and you're going to feel better of yourself. does chef a point or is she out of touch?
4:25 am
good morning, ladies. liz, is she out of touch? she's been a super model, swim suit model for "sports illustrated" some four times, does chef a leg to stand on? >> i think all moms should take a step back and realize that being a mom is the hardest job in the world and it's okay once you have a baby to feel good about yourself and to take care of yourself and i love her statement and her point. yes, she's a super model and beautiful and gorgeous, but being sometimes a first-time mom, myself, three children, it's hard -- it's easy to fall into that rut of wearing your yoga pants all the time, not really fixing your air, doing stuff to make yourself feel better about yourself and i think you need to get yourself out there and feel better about yourself and do little things to help yourself to feel the way that you were before you had a baby. >> to your point, to jessica now, it is tough being a mom. you are running all over the
4:26 am
place, you've got goldfish and sippy cups and you are trying to look good too? is it expecting too much? molly sims has the means to have extra help, doesn't she? >> she does. if you give a mom a martini, take ten minutes with yourself and start with baby steps. i'm not talking about hours of a day. go for a walk, go meet a friend for a cup of coffee. >> she's talking about your looks here. what do you say, jessica? >> well, you know, i think that to look at the source here. the reality is that is a great idea to take a little time for yourself and get back to where you were. now, the things that give a lot of women pleasure might not include getting into skinny jeans and putting on make up. for me, it was really important to continue doing the cross word puzzle. that's what made me feel like i was still part of the world, and so, you know, to be judging women on their appearance at a
4:27 am
time where many women simply don't care, and frankly, many women may have been wearing yoga pants and pony tails before they had kids. she's holding women to a standa standard. not everybody trades on their look for their career. it's very important for someone like her to get back into shape and to, you know, have a certain look. for the rest of the world -- >> that's how she made her money, you are right, jessica. liz, what do you think? she's got a lot of money to be able to do all this. what about for the avenling mom? is it okay to be in yoga pants and sweat pants sometimes? >> of course. i also think feels good to make yourself get out of the house and to do little baby steps. go take a walk.
4:28 am
go do things for yourself. buy some sexy lingerie. do some things for yourself so you don't get in that slump. you want to be the best mom that you can be and you want to feel inside and out. thank you so much. i did a very scientific poll with my co-hosts and they say yoga pants are good, sweat pants are bad. they like the form-fitting nature of them. 28 minutes after the hour on a sunday morning. george clooney can be a real ladies man on screen. >> i thought we would spend more time together. >> no, you didn't. >> i didn't. that's a lie. >> now he's got a message to hollywood. give more roles to women. and it's the first nfl sunday of the year. up next, we're going to help you create the best football feast for your party!
4:29 am
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4:33 am
for a gator tackled by his own teammates. he let the football slip right out of his grasp after the snap. with nobody around, he was cut short to end the game but luckily the gators still won. >> it's weird. i mean, sometime you see that because often defensive guys should not be handling the ball because they are kind of clumsy with it sometimes. you got it, just get down on the ground right now, end the play right now so we don't fumble the ball. . >> pretty impressive. what makes me happy is there was a football player who is name is ha-ha clinton-dix. on some other stories making headlines. a bloody brawl turns deadly inside a prison in oklahoma. three inmates killed, five
4:34 am
others hurt after a disturbance broke out yesterday at the correctional facility in oklahoma. one guard was inside the housing pod when the fight started but wasn't hurt. the same prison was locked down in june when a riot sent 11 inmates to the hospital. and the main man from the hit hbo show "entourage" is being called classless after a post on 9/11. he posted rhode island -- rip, those who died. he quickly deleted the picture. the tweet still remains. george clooney can be a real ladies man on screen. >> i volunteered to work for anna tomorrow. >> she's an intern. >> i thought we would spend more time together.
4:35 am
>> oh, you didn't. >> no, i didn't. that's a lie. >> oh. well, now he says he wants to work for ladies. clooney is suggesting more hollywood writers should feature women in roles originally intended for men. he got the idea after hsandra bullock's character was rewritten that same way. pope francis visits later to the u.s., there's an app for that. the popemoji hap has more than stickers. >> that's a long debate. >> one sure to be favorite is pope francis with the american flag in the back. the emojis were considered to be part of a good winning initiative.
4:36 am
popemoji is free. they are finally announcing the middle finger emoji to the keyboard. >> apple is adding the middle finger emojis. >> are they gifs or jiff is? >> let's talk a little bit of weather out there. a lot going on, including fall right in time for football. that's what it's going to feel like today. here's a look at the northeast. pick your city. we still have some scattered showers from time to time. we'll see plenty of cloud cover finally beginning to clear out tonight and toward tomorrow morning which is going to be chilly. a very, very chilly, certainly the coldest morning we have seen since last spring. can down so the southeast, we'll continue to see rain showers
4:37 am
across south florida. that stalls out for today and tomorrow. a beautiful day, tons of sunshine and temperatures. same thing for the northern plains around the great lakes. a chilly morning to start and recover quite nicely. we'll warm up later this week. out across the west, fire danger continues out across the west and northern rockies. we'll see rain showers moving across southwest. this is the weekend nfl fans have been waiting for. >> here's some ideas to spice up your weekend. we have joe here. if i were wearing a jersey would be the tom brady jerusalem in honor of his wife. >> we've got some burgers and beer. black tap, that's what we're all about. burgers and beer.
4:38 am
we're a modern luncheonette. >> you are doing incredibly well. >> we're seven months old and number three in new york. you know what's going to happen next? >> number one. >> next one. >> of course. you've got some vegetables. somebody is going to want some vegetables at the party. >> if you have an indoor party, great thing to do is make things ahead and lay them out on the table and let everyone go at it. we've got a healthy alternative which is some roosted -- roasted brussel sprouts and mexican avocado. >> i'm going to question your >> my mother is watching. i eat my brussel sprouts, okay. indoors and outdoors you got to get on the grill. the first thing is the classic all-american burger.
4:39 am
why don't you grab some sea salt. that's it. >> i can do that. >> you are going to cook it 8 minutes, throw some american cheese on there. >> when do you flip it? >> you flip it four or five months. never squeeze the burger. >> why? >> because all the juice come out and it doesn't taste good. the cheese is on there. it's nice and melted. who wants to do the honors? come on. dpo for -- go for it. >> how about a potato bun? you can't beat it. >> the next dish is the korean barbecue chicken wings. barbecue sauce made with sirachi and gochee-gang.
4:40 am
we've got a couple going over here. the final product is these beautiful grilled wings served with buttermilk dill sauce better known as ranch. this is how we tailgate black tap style. >> what is that? >> that's the amazing pizza burger. it's the best of both worlds. >> it's mozzarella. environments my neighborhood -- >> in my neighborhood, we call it months arel la. >> that's our special sauce. >> what's in it? >> i can't tell you. >> it's the old cheeseburger deluxe. >> blackburger he's and gear. a professor doesn't want his students to say god bless you in
4:41 am
the classroom anymore. >> mom, are you telling your kids to make your bed and get -- are you boss them around like this? >> ralph, goe go upstairs and try on -- >> i don't want to. >> go on upstairs right now and try on that present. she went to all that trouble to make it. comp on. >> the reason why you may not need to make your bed coming up. ♪ ♪ ♪ what super poligrip does for me is it keeps the food out. before those little pieces would get in between my dentures and my gum and it was uncomfortable. just a few dabs is clinically proven to
4:42 am
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age defy from clairol ♪ ♪ happy sunday, friends. hope you are doing well. quick headlines for you now. it's being call the uberfor kids. it will drive your kids anywhere they need to go so you don't have to. critics question the safety of letting kids ride with
4:45 am
strangers, the drivers are thoroughly screened. the mom of a teenage youtube star decided to teach her son a lesson when he was getting far too cocky about his internet income. she will charge him $30 for every day he doesn't clean. tough love. don't say go bless you anymore in one professor's classroom. apparently it's disruptive. students at the university of texas rio grande stunned to see their syllabus that says not to say god bless you. here to discuss is alexandria. have we lost our minds? >> this is what we like to call silly season at college republicans. we start seeing these crazy sill abuy and classroom rules and the
4:46 am
course titles and what professors say and what administrators do. it's absolutely insane on a college campus these days. >> speaking of sllabai, the professors syllabus sought to identify examples of potentially disruptive behavior the professor believed could hinder the classroom learning environment. the intent was not to limit the religious freedoms of the classroom. how could saying god bless you be disruptive? >> this is within of those things, no pun intended, it doesn't pass the smell test. it defies our common experience that saying god bless you would be so disruptive to a classroom. in 22 years of schooling i can't remember one time where it was just so pervasive that it disrupted an entire classroom. it's within of these examples where you see that bias doesn't always come in an obvious form. sometimes it comes in the form
4:47 am
of a snide comment in a syllabus like this or an administrator which happens on college campuses where they shut down 9/11 memorial events because students didn't book the correct space or there was some sort of technical issue and i think this is also just a form of bias you start to see on campuses these days. >> aren't campuses spoegsed to be a place where we can share diverse views? >> we've come to a place where we need speech codes, we need to remove the word american to make school a hospitable place for people? they should be about places of diverse ideas and learning and we don't get anywhereby administrators by protecting them. >> do we know anything about
4:48 am
this professor? the university tried to reach out to him to see if it would be changed. do we have any more information about that? >> i think that he isn't commenting at this point but what i do know is when we're talking about free speech on a college campus, what administrated tors and professors like to cite all of the time the need for classroom order, the order on campus. that's not the standard for free speech when we're talking about a public university. that's the standard for perhaps a high school or a middle school where there is an interest in preserving order, but certainly free speech is much, much broader on a college campus, and so, you know, the fact that a professor can't respect just those basic freedoms, and it's really making just an issue out of something that is so commonplace and something that's just a common courtesy, it's really -- it's silly season. >> maybe not even high school. maybe kindergarten. great to see you this morning.
4:49 am
enjoy silly season. coming up on the show, carly fiorina takes a shot at donald trump on the campaign trail. >> i think donald trump is an entertainer and i think i am a leader. >> donald trump brushing it off. how he's responding to the latest round of attacks from his rivals. plus did your mom tell you to make your bed? it turns out she was wrong. the reason why is next. anna just leave it like that. no, no, no, just leave it like that. i'll take care of it. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
4:50 am
♪ that's a first-rate queso dip ♪ ♪ haven't been this lost in years ♪ (gps) ♪ recalculating shortest route ♪ ♪ do i really look like this? ♪ ♪ never seen this one before ♪ chicken parm you taste so good ♪ i like it. ♪ mmm mmm mmm mm mmm mm mmmmmm
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4:53 am
it may have been the first chore you ever learned -- making your bed. but a change -- >> there are millions of microscopic dust mites that live in a nice, warm environment. leaving a bed messy could kill the creepy crawlers. wow. dr. kelly powers is joining us, physician and surgeon. great to see you. >> good morning. >> this is an attack, not just on conventional wisdom but america's moms. >> absolutely. to make the bed or not to make the bed. turns out mom was wrong. it's healthier and safer to not make your bed. what we mean is you want to air out the bed. you have to go like this, even drape it over the side is the best bet. >> you can make it once you get home from work or school, but -- >> exactly. >> i mean, i like to come home to a neat room. and i feel chaotic if i don't.
4:54 am
>> is there a way to get a hypoallergic one? >> we have claritin -- >> claritin makes bedspreads? >> yes, pillow protectors. we have a sheet set -- a good one by brookstone, certified by the allergy and asthma foundation. all of this is going to be moisture wick. and down alternatives. down is where dust mite fes fes. >> i like my filth. i'm healthy, clean, it's working for me. why would i be healthier if i did this? >> absolutely. dust mites produce an allergen called the durp p1 protein. this protein according to the allergy and asthma foundation of america, 20 people in america suffer from the allergy. can trigger asthma, allergic reactions, chronic sinus infections, dermatitis. y see it in my practice -- i see it in my practice, on the legs.
4:55 am
>> one of the things women love are throw pillows. they want to keep adding a mountain of pillows. you say get rid of those extra pillows? >> disclaimer, i have a couple myself. yeah, you have to get rid of them. it's more stuff on the bed. more places dust mites can live and hide. >> how about how often we need to wash linens and what we need to do temperaturewise? >> it is advised that you wash them once a week in hot water. also something you could do, take the pillow out of the casing, put it into the dryer for about -- at least 15 minutes at 130 degrees fahrenheit. kill the mites. >> i guess if you go to bed with a wet head -- >> yeah. would promote it, as well. it's going to promote moisture. we want to wick it away. >> what about pillows -- i've had pillows from my childhood. >> me, too. >> you got to get rid of those -- >> i'm sure they smell delicious. >> how often do you replace pillows? >> one to two years, max. if you have a child or anyone that has an allergy or asthma, at least, max, six months.
4:56 am
>> six months? >> every six months? >> throw away? >> throw away. >> i literally have pillows that are 40 years old. >> no. >> what about the hyphypoallerg pillows? >> here's one you would buy for comfort. here's one claritin makes. certified dust mite protector. it will take moisture away and is down alternative. >> wow. >> what about the mattress that tucker uses from the civil war that has hay? filled with moss -- >> probably not a good idea. >> that's why we go to 1-800-mattress for all of our mattresses including this. doctor, thank you. >> my pleasure. thank you very much. >> thanks. we've got a fox news alert. moments ago the leader of al qaeda called for attacks against the united states. breaking details at the top of the hour. stay tuned. plus, a true mir kemp a mother wakes up -- miracle. a mother wakes up from a coma after hearing her newborn crying. they put the baby on her chest. she woke up. the family joins us live. need to hire fast?
4:57 am
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friends, today is sunday, september 13th, 2015. days after the anniversary of september 11th, one of our biggest enemies launching a new threat. this morning, calling for more attacks on american soil. the breaking details ahead. then, on the campaign trail and gridiron collide. the gloves come off. >> i think donald trump -- he's an entertainer. i think i am a leader. >> how donald trump and other candidates respond to a new round of attacks on one another. the circular firing squad continues. then, you won't want to miss this -- a mom brought back to life from her coma after hearing her newborn baby's cries.
5:01 am
woke up after they put her baby on her chest. the family shares their miracle live this hour. "fox and friends" hour three begins right now. ♪ from new york, it's football sunday. you're watching "fox and friends." gearing up for football here. >> yes, a jam-packed show. we'll be sporting our favorite teams' jerseys coming up. we want to see pictures of you in yours and your tailgating festivities, likely getting underway. they start earlier and earlier every season. >> they start at 8:00 a.m. steelers stadium. super early -- >> kansas city yesterday -- >> the chiefs had one of the best tailgating experiences for
5:02 am
a football college environment in kansas city. do you think your team has the best tailgating experience? send us your photos. we'll have healthy competition. >> i bet you're going to be drinking cold snacks. coming up, an unlikely pair. a new jersey brewing company making a special beer in honor of pope francis' visit to the united states. how about this -- >> i wonder if he'll enjoy some -- >> they're playing off the yolo and calling it yopo. >> putting the hops in. what's the alcohol content? >> i think 5.5%. don't quote me. you have to wait until 8:50 to find out. we'll start with your headlines. a fox news alert. al qaeda raising the stakes in its feud with isis overnight. al qaeda zsa zawahiri calling f lone wolf attacks. this after he was called a faker with no authority to call a
5:03 am
caliphate. firefighters battling the 25,000 acre fire suffering third-degree burns. residents are forced to evacuate after homes were consumed by the fire. in the south, the butte fire has expanded to the size of orlando. nearly 90 homes burned to the ground. mandatory evacuations are in place as thousands of homes are still threatened. and more possible shootings reported along phoenix's busy freeway. at least four divers' windows were shattered while driving yesterday. it's believed to be caused by debris and not related to the shootings, say police, but the drivers disagree. >> it's impossible. you're doing 65 on the freeway, and to do a rock on the side -- it could be in the windshield but not on the side window. >> there have been 11 confirmed shootings since the 29th of august. police say the 19-year-old arizona man detained as a person
5:04 am
of interest is not the prime suspect. and a woman in college football's history books. during the first half of the game against delaware state, the four-year member of kent state's team kicked an extra point, making her the second woman to score in a major college football game. april goss is the only woman currently on a division one rof roster. >> those are your headlines. the next republican primary debate is three days from now, wednesday night. all of them will be there. from all signs, it's going to be a wolf pack descending on the front-runner, donald trump. you got a taste of that this weekend in iowa. a lot of the candidates out. there the main topic of conversation again was donald trump. boy, they were out for him. >> yeah. he was responding to a number of attacks over the past few days. remember rick perot his farewell speech -- perry on his farewell speech saying the republican party needs to avoid the celebrity syndrome and get back
5:05 am
to its grassroots. here -- carly fiorina has pulled the gloves off and took a big swipe at donald. listen to this in iowa yesterday -- >> i think donald trump is an entertainer. and i think i am a leader. and so what i do is talk to the american people about the issues they care about. and i think they hear what i'm talking about. >> i think she's staying above the fray with that answer there to the question rather than giving him a huge swipe. especially in light of what happened in the "rolling stone" interview when he talked about her face and saying, i know i'm not supposed to say that about a woman, but would you vote for that? do you really want that for? the he walked it back and said it's her persona -- even though he directly said her face. she is staying above the fray. she was also asked during the second debate because she will be on the stage with all of the others this time, what will you do if donald trump attacks you?
5:06 am
she said, you've seen the way i've handled him. >> all the candidates saying i'm talking about the issues voters care did b. don't the polls -- care about. don't the polls do that? i think trump's antic detract from the facthat he's talking about immigration and trade. nobody else wanted to. the republican leads hate the issues because they're on the wrong side of their own base. trump didn't care, he kralg -- he challenged them to bring it up. that is part of the lesson. >> and he's talking about making america great again. it's on his hat. >> the broader message. so rand paul, slapping him a bit on friday, as well, on twitter. he had this to say -- remember, they got into it during the last debate. he says, "what does it say about the gop when a 3.5-term governor with a successful record of creating jobs bows out as a reality star leads in the polls," referring to rick perry. but you know, donald is not
5:07 am
sitting back. he's not going to take all the attacks. >> no, he didn't. here is his response to dr. rand paul of kentucky -- >> i don't think it matters this time. i think today we're looking for real super competence. we're tired with this nice stuff. we need people that are really, really smart and competent and can get things done. [ applause ] some we need people -- we need people with an aggressive tongue, and we need people with tremendous energy. and i'm your candidate. >> tremendous energy. a long slog. >> so fascinating, so many people were writing him off, saying he's going to do this for a little while. he wants to raise his own personal brand. then he's on the campaign trail repeatedly. flying from town to town and meeting with people and doing meetings and big events and rallies. he's had many months of it but doesn't seem to be slowing down.
5:08 am
>> the message that the cards are stacked against you, the people who you voted for who represent you don't care about you. they're not out to help you. they're out to get rich themselves. people kind of agree with that. >> to your point, clayton, the same people said he wouldn't actually run. he was just teasing us like he's teased in the past. he's doing well, and he likes to win. >> all these people sitting on their hands thinking this was a joke. they're in trouble now. we'll have more on that coming up on the show. meanwhile this -- a major development on hillary clinton's private e-mail scandal. it could shed light on a critical question. >> can the e-mails she deleted be recovered, or of the server wiped -- or was the server wiped clean? >> we have the latest from washington, d.c.. what can you tell us? >> reporter: good morning. it's looking like fbi investigators may have a better chance than previously thought of recovering all of those deleted emails on clinton's private server. according to the "washington post," the tech company that managed the server is saying it has no knowledge of the server ever being wiped clean. but even if it was wiped clean,
5:09 am
it appears whoever did it did not do a good job according to an intelligence source familiar with the ongoing fbi investigation who adds those fbi investigators remain confident that they'll be able to recover those deleted emails. so far, clinton has refused to say whether or not she wiped her server clean or got somebody to do it for her. who can forget this exchange with ed henry last month -- >> you were the official in charge. did you wipe the server? >> what, like with a cloth or something? >> i don't know. you know how it works digitally. did you -- >> i don't know how it works digitally at all. >> a group of clinton supporters called correct the record is fighting back with a new report saying there's no evidence clinton's server was ever hacked. but the same can't be said for the federal government servers. they're arguing that using a private server was a smart move for a sitting secretary of state, though i'm sure there are plenty of people who would disagree with the assessment. >> thanks. >> smart move, but breaking the law -- >> two questions. someone, was the server ever hacked? we don't know the answer.
5:10 am
we find out, that will matter. two, on the 31,000 emails -- which we'll see them -- how much classified information was there? i bet you anything there was a lot. there had to be. she was secretary of state. this is a big problem for them. >> unbelievable. more developing overnight. first to rick standing p ii with the forecast. >> i asked on twitter, people are ready for fall temperatures, i asked. and overwhelmingly people saying no. not ready yet. >> come on, people. >> clayton wants you to be on his side. i'll show not only across the northern plains and in toward the great lakes that are chilly. this morning's temperatures here, 53 in birmingham, alabama. 54 in atlanta now. and you see the reds across northern parts of mississippi and alabama. you got temperatures to the 40s. this is very early to have that kind of air mass. tonight, another cold one across much of the south. getting to 53 in atlanta. same with raleigh. we're also going to see that move a little farther toward the east. a chilly morning at the bus stop as kids go to school in the
5:11 am
morning. be prepared for that. that's behind this potent front that moved through and brought heavy rain across parts of the mid-atlantic, northeast, toward florida yesterday. and now we have the rain showers very light in nature across parts of california. but we still have the fire danger. here's your high temperatures today -- we cool across the west over the next couple of days. we will warm back up across the central plain and in toward the northeast. back to you. >> thanks a million. rick perry, first candidate to drop out of the presidential race. who will be the next? "fox news sunday" host chris wallace coming up to tell us. then someone call the paw-lice. paw-lice. >> police! >> literally a cat burglar on the loose. wait until you hear who owns this clepto-kitty. >> purrrrfect pun.
5:12 am
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5:15 am
the big news out of politics this week -- governor rick perry formally of texas, the first republican to bow out of the crowded race. >> this is a brand new poll shows jeb bush and scott walker losing ground in iowa. >> what does it all mean for 2016 and who could be the next to go? here to weigh in, host of "fox sunday," chris wallace. we don't want to put you on the spot to call who will be next to drop out, but money is tight now. and if donald trump is sucking up the oxygen in the room and governor perry, a three-term governor, has to drop out, it's going to be somebody else going soon, right? >> look, anybody can stay in as long as they want to. i mean, all you have to do is
5:16 am
buy a coach seat to des moines or manchester, new hampshire. that doesn't necessarily mean you're going to drop out. i'll tell you who i think is in some trouble, whether they drop out or not, one is scott walker who you mentioned. in july, he was at 18% in iowa. he was the front-runner. he was the guy from the neighboring state of wisconsin who had made a very impressive speech in january and had led the polls for months in iowa and was in the top tier with rubio and bush. he's now at 3% in iowa. i think ninth or 10th place. and if he can't win in his back yard of iowa, he's in real trouble. and interestingly enough, this week he has canceled speeches that were planned in michigan and california, hunkering down, doubling down in iowa and south carolina. so he's not out of the race, but he's kind of constricting his field. another person in real trouble, rand paul. i think it's the world has changed on him with the threats from isis and other foreign
5:17 am
entities. his more libertarian, less hawkish approach to foreign policy isn't sitting well with the republican electorate. >> the establishment hates him more than they hate trump. what happened to scott walker do you think? >> you know, i think to a certain degree he's been a one-trick pony. and that was a very impressive trick the first time around. the idea he had fought for conservative principles, he'd taken on the unions, and he'd won. and i think people liked that. he didn't have much to follow it up with. he's also had a few stumbles where it looks like he might not be quite ready for primetime. i'm not ruling him out of the race at all, but he's clearly in trouble now. >> and you say all you have to do is have money for a coach seat. really, it is a lot more than that. governor perry ran into problems when his money started to dry up and his staffers were having to volunteer. then there's this pro-perry superpac that has $12 million left. could go to donors or another
5:18 am
candidate or cause. what do you think will happen to the money and his support, and as the field gets whittled down, where will the and money start flowing? >> let's be clear, whether we say it's whittled down, we have 16 candidates left. it's not like we are down to the final four. i suspect his money will go back to donors. whether people have contributed to a super pac for rick perry, i don't know that they want those hundreds of thousands of dollars to be going someplace else. i mean, i don't mean to be cruel about it, i don't think it matters where rick perry's support goes. he was polling at 1%. i'm not sure that if he said i want to support candidate x it would mean a lot it hem. but you have jim gilmore not only at 1%, isn't going to be on the stage even in the early cnn debate. he's still in the race. you can be in the race, but that -- all that means is that you can show up at a candidates
5:19 am
forums or some town hall, it doesn't mean you are a credible candidate. >> what do you have coming up on the big show? >> a very credible candidate, john kasich. staying out of the trump food fight. he's up to double digits, 11% in new hampshire. and his blend of practical, compassionate conservatism seems to be taking hold there. he, of course, is the two-term governor of ohio. spent a dozen years or so in congress, helped balance the budget in the '90s. we'll be talking to him at the top of the hour. then that continuing humanitarian crisis with refugees. and this week, increasing pressure on the u.s. to do more -- to give you a sense, i think 20,000, 30,000 refugees expected in germany just this weekend. so far, the u.s. has taken in 1,500 syrian refugees in four years. obama says now he's going to bring in 10,000 in the next year. we'll be talking to two senate
5:20 am
leaders about do we need to do more, and also can we do it without potentially allowing terrorists into this country. >> "fox news sunday." check your local listings for chr chris' show. coming up, one mother says a school's punishment went too far. >> extra two laps. why would you put them on turf? you get on the turf, and let me know how it feels. sixth graders get burned hands after being forced to crawl. disturbing details ahead. a mom brought back to life from a coma after hearing her newborn's cries. that family shares their miracle coming up. ♪ irresistible moments deserve irresistibles treats. new from meow mix with real salmon chicken or tuna. the only treat cats ask for by name.
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hope you're doing well. 23 minutes after the hour. quick headlines. three stores in georgia, florida, and south carolina robbed. police think it could be the same person. police say the woman was acting alone, using a handgun, and tying up employees before running off with merchandise. next, when texting goes wrong. a florida man looking to buy and sell drugs mistakenly texts the wrong number. on the other side -- a martin county narcotics captain. a meeting was set up where the 29-year-old was arrested. and meet clepto-kitty. this real-life cat burglar is known for stealing from his oregon neighborhood. everything from kids' toys and clothing to a bag of marijuana one time of and his owner is a cop. all right. it was a last-ditch effort to save a new mother's life after an emergency c-section. shelly crawford slipped into a coma and wouldn't wake up, it
5:25 am
appeared, all hope was lost until the doctors suggested placing the baby on her chest. with one cry, shelly began her long journey back from the brink of death. shelly, her husband jeremy, and ryland who just turned 1, join us with the incredible story. [ cry ] >> we hear that cry. nice to see you all. >> hi. >> take us back -- we have to start with you, jeremy. take us back to that week when you just didn't know what was going to happen. >> oh, i mean, that was a very emotional week. you know, you have emotions on both sides. you've got the joy of this wild one here that's made it to the world, and we're celebrating that. at the same time, we're -- you know, we're preparing to say good-bye or possibly say good-bye to my wife. that wasn't the -- the plan we had when we went in there. >> shelly, do you remember -- obviously you went through the c-section. do you remember what happened
5:26 am
next? >> all i remember is right before i went into the c-section, laying on the stretcher. i was talking to the doctors and the nurses. and i remember just crying and telling them that i was scared that i wasn't going to wake up afterwards. and it's eerie to think about now because i didn't know at that time what was going to happen. but then what did actually happen -- >> did you have a premonition about it? >> i did. i had this weird kind of just like sense that something was -- something was going to go wrong. >> and something did go wrong. what did the doctors tell when you shelly didn't wake up? >> at first it was -- they weren't sure why she wasn't waking up. then between the times that they were coming because i was in the nursery with ryland at the time, they would give me updates. within 30 minutes to an hour, it was a much different conversation. the fluid was building in the lungs. and -- the best idea that they had was that the blood clot that
5:27 am
they had found a month or so ago had broken loose when they took ryland out and made its way to the lungs and thus causing the damage. >> that's why the blood clot caused this. so jeremy, we understand -- and doctors believe this power of hearing the baby's cry. that was parts of this process to think, well, if she hears this baby's cry, if that would wake her up. shelly, do you remember that moment they placed ryland on your chest? what happened? >> i do not remember anything. i was still under anesthesia from the surgery. his to be put under general anesthesia because -- i had to be put under general anesthesia because of the planned parenthood thinners from my blood -- of the blood thinners from my blood clot. i was out for the whole thing. i was starting to go downhill really fast. so i was out when they placed me on her chest -- [ crying ] >> i think ryland wants to hold
5:28 am
mommy. she can sense that. jeremy, describe that moment, though, when you knew that everything was going to be okay. >> it's surreal to think about because we're there, and the moment we're there, we looked at her viedstals, and she's as clo to death as i can imagine someone being. and to hear from doctors it was at that moment that shelly began to fight for herself. wasn't a miraculous wake-up right away. it was just that she kind of started fighting. so the machines and medicine they were using helped. before they weren't finding any options at the time. >> vital signs -- >> spiraling out of control. >> the vital signs started coming back. unbelievable. >> yes, sir. >> jeremy, shelly, role aryland we appreciate you joining us. amazing story. kids, morning news -- they want to watch cartoons this hour. i get it. thank you very much for joining us. >> thank you. >> appreciate it. amazing story. coming up here on the show,
5:29 am
a firefighter become a first responder at his own wedding. how he saved a guest's life. then, do you have your football sunday meals planned? don't forget about the perfect cocktail to go along with those burgers. the examples on the plaza to start off the season right. you knew rick would be involved. if i was a betting man. hi my name is tom. i'm raph. my name is anne. i'm one of the real live attorneys you can talk to through legalzoom. don't let unanswered legal questions hold you up, because we're here, we're here, and we've got your back. legalzoom. legal help is here. every auto insurance policy has a number. but not every insurance company understands the life behind it. those who have served our nation. have earned the very best service in return. ♪
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♪ we've been sending in football photos all morning. maureen sends this in. she writes, "we are very optimistic pats fans. in a watercolor." she painted. >> beautiful. >> she's good. kyle writes, "we are optimistic until thursday -- six rings may be expecting too much. #steelersnation." >> disappointing. and paula sends this photo of patriots pride all the way. >> the steelers look -- i was surprised they didn't -- didn't pull that out. they had good plays -- >> people are intense about their football. >> keep sending in pictures. not just the herselfies and hats. show us -- the jerseys and hats. show us the food, too.
5:34 am
if you've been watching the presidential race, prepositions are used incorrectly, there are certain words people trip occupy -- use in the wrong context or don't understand what the words mean. a harvard linguist has come up with the top 58 most misused words. >> she if you are -- see if you're an offender of any of these. cliche is the number one on this list. it says it's a noun. it's not an adjective. how would you tuesday as an adjective? >> correctly you would say shakespeare used a lot of cliches. or the plot was so cliched. you wouldn't say the plot was cliche. i've never heard that -- >> i think people have said that about movies. >> really? >> there's a "d" on the end. >> like it was predicted. and disinterested -- the dispute should be resolved by a disinterested judge. why are you so uninterested in
5:35 am
my story? like sometimes people add like a few letters to words -- like thaw. you can't need to unthaw or dethaw something. thaw means thaw it out. >> i used this in high school until i realized the word didn't exist -- irregardless is not a word. >> a lot of people use that. >> right. it's a conflation of regardless and irrespective. you would say regardless of how you feel, it's objectively the wrong decision. if you use irregardless, stop, drop, and roll. are you on fire from a grammatical point of view. and no matter how much you know about language or care, you will find yourselves doing this. it's a sign that you've slipped into laziness. using the word literally as a sin eliminate for figuratively when they're not the same. >> correct use is, "i didn't mean for you to literally run over. i'd rather die that listen to
5:36 am
another of his lectures, figuratively speak, of course." >> you can't say it's literally raining cats and dogs out here. >> unless animals are falling from the sky. >> literally means it's actually happen, tangible, it's real life, it's provable, science can verify it. if that's not happening, it's not literally happening. >> one of my biggest pet peeves is invitations. oh, i got an invite to the party. invite is not the paper -- i received an invitation to the party. invite is the act of inviting -- >> right. >> the problem with the conversations, i agree completely but i'm not going to admit it in public, the problem is you start to sound like a podantic jerk. >> right. when people text you and go, your grammar and spelling is terrible -- like lose and loose, like the dog got loose, l-o-s-e, no, it got loose.
5:37 am
l-o-o-s-e. >> keep your kids from texting in a mowronic way. stop it. the fbi launching an investigation after a woman falls off a cruise ship and dies. the seaborn quest left boston, heading to maine, ten miles off the coast of cape anne. the body was recovered nearly two hours later. fbi agents trying to figure out what went wrong. and parents in texas furious after they say a school punishment seriously injured students. >> run an extra two laps. why would put them on turf? you get on the turf, and you let me know how it feels. >> pookts at mother says her daughter and -- the pictures. a mother says her daughter and other girls were forced to crawl on bare hands from end zone to end zone six times causing their hands to become blistry and red. the punishment for being late to p.e. class. and a firefighter called to duty during his own wedding. watch as cody campbell runs over to a table after hearing several
5:38 am
people yell a woman was choking. this was happening as his father, a retired captain with the orange county fire authority, was giving an emotional best man speech. campbell jumped into action to save the woman's life. what a story for your wedding day! good for him. >> did your husband save any lives? >> no. >> yes, he did, that's totally untrue -- >> he saved mine! >> that was a setup. that was very good. we're standing by -- >> we were all there to witness it. >> yes. >> we were! >> it was beautiful. >> raising the glasses. >> exactly true. we have tennessee and texas who are represented here. and you guys are in the wrong place. feels like fall in tennessee and texas now. take a look at the map. show you what's going on. we still have the fire concerns going on across the northwest and into the northern rockies. anywhere you see the red, we have red flag warnings. that means dry conditions and breezy conditions. the bad recipe for fires. here you go. the cooler air beginning to infiltrate toward the northeast
5:39 am
with a little rain lingering throughout the day today. down to the southeast and southern plains, tons of sunshine behind the front that moved through. breezy conditions, but the sunny conditions and no humidity at all. it's going to be a beautiful day. same toward the northern plains. and one more day of high temperatures across much of the west. that will begin to mellow out a little for this coming week. all right. let's drink -- >> fall just around the corner. and that means it's time for you to change your wardrobe and your drink choice. >> yeah. mixologist charlotte is here with fabulous cocktails to enjoy during football games or to cozy up at home to -- >> it's not all pumpkin flavored. it's the false warmth we might need -- >> the internal warmth. >> good morning. how are you? >> very well, thank you. >> what are we going to make first? what's good to kick back on a sunday nfl day? >> good drinks are all about the base spirit. i have four wonderful examples. the first is taking the old-fashioned, classic cocktails -- >> one of my favorites.
5:40 am
>> giving it a sporty twist. we'll do an old-fashioned ball. >> old-fashioned ball? >> right. we have an ice full. i've added whisk -- ice bowl. i've added whiskey. you freeze up the births, sugar, orange. -- bitters, sugar, orange. all you do is add the good stuff. >> how do you get them to freeze? >> you just -- you have an ice mold. you pack it in the freezer, and 24 hours -- >> you can get those at brookstone, sells the spherical ice balls. series of four in silicone -- >> for the bitters and orange. >> right. alcohol won't freeze. you keep the other apart -- >> wait a minute. >> okay. the next, the bad apple dew. >> i have tall irish whiskey, inspired by the world cup that starts next week -- >> where are you from? >> from london. >> say it again.
5:41 am
telemardu. >> irish whiskey. telemardu. we have fall flavors coming in. i'm going to top this with hard cider. that apple flavor. >> you got a -- how do you say this in london? >> magners. the same. this is a nice, tall, refreshing cocktail. you want to shake up the first ingredients. and then just top this with your magners. if you feel in the mood, fresh mint to give it a garnish. keep it green. >> pretty. >> i want to get to some of these. h h hendrick's gin. >> my sweet spot. >> this is a pitcher of cucumber lemonade. fill the pitcher with ice. put in three parts of hendrick's gin over the freshly sliced cucumber. and you can add lemonade fresh from the store or make your own from scratch. this is lemon juice. this is a simple syrup for
5:42 am
sweetness. top with water. sparkling or flat. i like sparkling for a little refreshment. and the genius of this cocktail is it's easy for everyone. it's quick. >> yeah. it may go down a little too easy. if you're feeling puffy the next day, like rick and i -- >> what i love, all these recipes will be on our website, by the way. these are fantastic, charlotte. we should mention don't do anything to it -- put ice in and drink it. >> sip it, relax and enjoy a good whiskey. >> wonderful. thank you. appreciate it. >> thank you. tucker, over to you. can we bring you a cocktail? >> had a few already. thanks. next up, a father saving for his daughter's college fund but not his son's. the reason he says the gender pay gap is real, and he's trying to defeat. it make sense? we'll debate that. plus, bee bedlam. a highway crash creates a ton of buzz. a pun-filled news story. stay tuned. flonase allergy relief nasal spray.
5:43 am
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5:46 am
welcome back. double trouble in mexico. a pair of volcano erupting on the very same day. the kolima on the left has only blown up 40 times since the 16th century. and the el popo on the right, only 12 recorded flare-ups. no injuries reported. 18 people in turkey rushed to the hospital after a truck carrying dozens of hives crashed sending a swarm of bees on the loose. man. emergency services had to spray suppression foam on the hives in the air to kill them. tucker? >> thank you, clayton. one father says he's saving money for his daughter, but not for his son. he's revealing this plan in this month's "elle" magazine where a lot of high-tone things are
5:47 am
written. he says, "my daughter doesn't know she's not as free and equal as my son. i will solve the problem in the american way by purchasing her equality." according to his calculations, he would need to save $3 million to make up lost wages for his daughter. is he on the ball or out to lunch? joining us for debate, "the new york post" columnist carol markowitz and democratist strategist jessica tarloff. these statistics are totally false. if this -- >> tell me how you really feel. >> tell her to not take time off work and to choose a profession that pays well. and -- >> i think he will tell her all those things. first of all, than -- the bureau of labor has done a study, they looked at 600 professions and found there was unequal pay in all but seven of them. what this father is talking about is -- and i admit obviously he comes from a higher income base than many americans. this is not something every american can do. he's drawing an issue that we should be talk -- drawing attention to an issue that we
5:48 am
should be talking about, a big part of the presidential election discussion. 20% of women leave the work force because of family issues. only 10% of men do. amongst college-educated people, more women are greating college today, but a -- graduating college today, but a man who graduates will earn $713,000 more than a woman. why are you laughing? because i made it up? >> i'll tell you why i'm laughing. as you know, if you look at the new generation, people under 30, there's no age gap. >> right. it's -- it depends, like you said, on whether a woman takes time off whether she has a baby, leaves the workplace. in fact, the man who wrote the article, his wife was having trouble getting back in the workplace because she had taken a number of years off. while that's unfortunate and sad, that's why she's having trouble getting back in the workplace. it's not because she's a woman. it's not because of her gender. it's because of the choices she made -- >> what about the responsibility put on women? we were talking earlier, you're a mother. i'm sure that you understand the pressures of being there for your children and also having a high-powered career.
5:49 am
both things you've managed -- >> yes. you know, every family make its own decisions. but he actually says in the article that men have more choices. and the truth is, men don't have more choices. it's less often that a man can say, you know, i'm going to take a few years off to raise my children. men don't get to have the argument of do i have it all, can i have it all. that's something women only talk about. >> no one's given me that choice. it's been shut up and work since day one. another question -- -- would you tell your daughter, the world hates you, you're at a disadvantage? is that healthy it tell girls? >> do you think that's what he told his daughter? >> yes, i do. i think exactly. >> it's categorically not what he told his daughter. he told his daughter society is designed in a way that does put women on the back foot had it comes to earning power. i mean, carly fiorina is talking about no paid maternity leave. that would put us behind afghanistan in terms of our -- >> that's ludicrous. afghanistan -- women wearing burqas? i think we're ahead of them. is it good to tell girls their victims? >> i have a daughter and son.
5:50 am
i don't treat them exactly the same, but i don't treat them differently based on their gender. i treat him differently based on their unique personalities. i have one on the way, and i'll treat that baby, whichever gender it is, help in something, i'll help them but i won't assume my daughter won't have the same success. >> sorry, we're out of time. we will have to have him on and we'll ask him. >> fine, i'm happy to be on that team. coming up next, he won hearts in hollywood for his role on "entourage"entourage" but he water after this post. and making pope beer, stay tuned. ♪ ♪ i'm pretty good at drinking beer ♪ ♪ i'm not the type we try to break john deere tractors on purpose.
5:51 am
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5:54 am
in just two weeks, pope francis will be right here in ameri america. >> he will and preparations are underway and not just the crowds listen cheering but cheersing, as well. >> what's that? ♪ ♪ >> catholics and non-catholics alike across the country are thanking heaven. the pope is heading to america. there are t-shirts, bobble heads and cokes. >> they are taking notice of the latest concoction called yopo. where did you get the idea for the name? >> i was raised catholic, went to a catholic university and being in the beer business, we wanted to do something that would celebrate the pope coming to the u.s. a lot of young kids are saying
5:55 am
yolo or only live once but what about yopo. >> you only pope once. >> you only pope once. we did a lot of research on the pope's interest as it relates to whole. we want to brew something he may enjoy. he likes light beers. we brewed a light ail with an unholy amount of pop. >> can we see? trading in our beer glasses for safety glasses. i can say there is an unholy amount. >> we use 60 pounds for every patch and those that we use are perfectly paired with argentina beef. >> the brewing company says the drink that only comes in draft could help some folks tap into their spiritual side but critics say it's unholy and offensive. >> i know the pope drinks beer and we were really careful to
5:56 am
not make it offensive to the catholic institute. >> let it breathe. >> i feel like new jersey. >> beautiful place. >> there's too much foam in here. >> coffee, good -- >> draft beer. >> never too early. drink a good hoppy beer. >> hops are natural preservatives. >> anna, you have the best job in tv. >> i say that every week when i get to go do something like this. >> we do work well because you bring us back beer, which is great. >> the brewing company is the third largest craft company in new jersey that brew 500 gallons of this yopo or 3,000 pints and for those on a holy quest to find some, they will be in bars in new jersey, philadelphia and kate bay starting on september the 21st. >> or come to outset. we got tons. fox news alert, al qaeda's leader calling for new attacks against americans.
5:57 am
we have breaking detail what this means. >> a woman found alive in her car two days after she vanished thanks to two people that heard her cries for help. one of those heroes joins us live.
5:58 am
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6:00 am
hi friends and good morning. today is sunday, the 13th of september 2015. i'm anna and today's urgent alert. calls for attack on american soil. kathryn is here with the new frontier in the terror fight. >> california's wildfires exploded overnight leaving several firemen injured and forcing families from their homes, many worry this morning this could just be the beginning. >> on his new late night show, stephen colbert shows off a black lives matter wrist band.
6:01 am
is he entertainer or activist? you decide. ♪ ♪ no, no, your tank will be full if you're watching "fox and friends" pretty much any weekend but especially on this football sunday. >> i tell you, i warn our producers, when you put a bowl of chips in front of clinton, it will be a lot of missing chips in the studio. it's football sunday. we'll show you great tailgate ideas and kick off toot ball sunday. >> have you ever wondered where your dog came from? if you have a mutt you may wonder. michael has one, daisy, we'll perform a dna test on daisy to find out exactly her providence. >> doggie dna test is coming up. al qaeda issued a terror
6:02 am
threat against the united states. >> the terror group leader calling on supporters to call westerners, specifically americans in loan wolf style attacks. >> kathryn joins us live with the breaking details. what can you tell us about this video. >> at this hour, anna, this videotape being examined by the u.s. intelligence. it's 36 minutes in length and an audio message, there has never been a fake tape from alibi da in the past and in the message is the call for muslims in the united states and western nations to launch, sort of a new variation of the lone waolf attack. take the training they know overseas and launch attacks in their home country. >> what does this say, kathryn, about the changing face of al qaeda and terrorism instead of
6:03 am
seems like gone are the large-scale shock and awe style attacks. what does this say to you? >> specifically in the tape, he calls for attacks similar to what we saw in france in january of this year, the charlie hebdo attack where two brothers, the training from al qaeda in yemen about a couple years before and then went home. once they were home, it was up to them to decide the time and the place and the method of the attack to have the greatest success. so these are attacks with no phone call, no e-mail, no text, nothing on social media saying today is the today we're pulling the trigger on the operation. it's left entirely up to the independent to the radical islamist and these operations are that much harder to disrupt because there are no communications between them and we'll say the other ship or lead organization in this case al qaeda and yemen or al qaeda core
6:04 am
in pakistan. >> how does he deliver this message. >> audio posted online and we're seeing this morning what we typically see in these cases which is whack a mole situation that gets passed around on twitter and taken down and pops up on other sites. i would emphasize to people in this tape and this is the standard with him, that it's audio and there is just a still image, sort of like a photograph of him and this doesn't provide us much information about location like the old videotape where you could see from the terrain, vegetation, it would give the intelligence community a better sense or handle where they are located. again, this is the new evolution, the standing order, no direction to october, mission has been blessed and it's up to the operative whether they are like the coal lobrothers or tsa
6:05 am
brothers, launch the attack you think you'll have the greatest chance for success. >> so go get trained and go home on your home soil and carry it out however you want whenever you want and under this direction here from him. last week i was covering the homeland security report saying that home grown violent jihad cases tripled over the last five years and there are open investigations in all 50 states. how do americans need to react? >> it's hard to live your life but keep your eyes and ears open. if i could speak to the data and that you mentioned which i think is extremely important, this administration has talked about how the likelihood of a large
6:06 am
scale 9/11 attack has greatly diminished in the last 14 years and we have not had another attack on that scale, but the subtext is there is an unrest in this country almost every week for someone who is an alleged member of isis or al qaeda trying to launch what would be described as a smaller scale attack. these kinds of attacks have a very sort of cancerous or corrosive effect because they undermine the confidence of individuals and they also typically attack the military as a target or events of national significan significance. so it's a form of psychological w warefare. >> without the chatter of pre9/11 planning and text messages and now encouraged to go on radio silence does something about our intelligence
6:07 am
community, they can get these guys without chatter. >> they have been very outspoken about the challenge of extradition. they make contact with isis overseas and isis redirects them to encrypted communications. that's why we saw this rash of arrests and as the director confirmed, there was a credible plot timed for july 4th. so their ammo is to pick up people on lesser charges before they get close to acting because they are not sure at what point they will lose them or effectively have gone dark but the bottom line is that the likelihood of a large scale attack has really diminished but what has come in its place is just an explosion in these smaller scale plots here in the united states and it's particularly acute in europe and
6:08 am
one would never want to minimize the impact of the murder of a dozen or two dozen individuals and quite frankly in france as we saw in recent weeks when the americans with the shooter, you could have had dozens of people killed. attacks on a major form of transportation and then again, the economic impact because that is al qaeda's main goal is to cripple us economically to bring us on to their side. >> thanks a lot, kathryn. >> thanks for having me. >> in light of this threat, the plan to import 10,000 people from the syrian civil war into the united states is reckless. >> how do you make sure you don't get the bad with the good? >> you can't. that's insane. >> here is what else we're following, making headlines, four firefighters waking up
6:09 am
after battling a 25,000 acre fire in california. thousands of residents in lake county are forced to evacuate as the valley fire consumes their town just south of there, another fire, the butte fire exploding to the size of orlando overnight. nearly 90 homes burned to the ground. mandatory evacuation orders are in place as thousands of homes are still threatened. and the horror continues in arizona as four more drivers report windows being shattered along the i-10. police believe the incidents were caused by debris but the drivers disagree. >> it's impossible. you doing 65 miles an hour on the freeway and to do a rock on the side would be in the windshield not the side window. >> since the 29th of august, there are 11 conpirmed hifirmed shootings. the 19 year old detained is not the prime suspect and they think
6:10 am
there is likely more than one. the main man from the hit hbo show "entourage" being called classless. after adrian posting this, rip the 20996 americans that died in 9/11 and the iraqis that died in the u.s. invasion for something they didn't do. he quickly deleted the picture after getting hate mail and the tweet came back up. an earthquake was followed by aftershock measuring 5.3 on the richter scale and these are your headlines. a fall-like forecast out there, i hope. >> no tsunami. hey, happy 50th birthday. who is that? >> mary. >> that's you and 21?
6:11 am
>> there you go. happy birthday, guys. welcome to new york. if you have a sign, you get on the show, always my rule. >> show you what we're talking about today, tonight, chilly nee night, get ready for a cool one and tomorrow morning a chilly one at the bus stop. we'll take you through the next few days, cooler air across the great lakes stretched towards the east today and warm across the west and in towards the high plains, throughout the next few days and that heat slowly spreads back towards the east. if you think it's chilly and maybe not quite ready for fall across parts of the great lakes, don't worry. it won't last that long. you'll warm up again this week and cool air to the west which is great news because that's where we have fires. precipitation-wise, down towards florida where we have a front getting stalled out there but the rest of the country, mostly high and dry, a little bit of rain across parts of california pretty light, though.
6:12 am
all right. guys, send it back to you inside. >> thanks a lot, rick. >> thank you. coming up on his new late night show, stephen colbert showed off a black lives matter wrist band this week. is he an entertainer? activist? both. we'll ask who is challenging the black lives matter movement. a former radio host has bad blood for taylor swift. why he's suing the pop mega star. ♪ now we got problems, and i don't think we can solve them ♪
6:13 am
6:14 am
6:15 am
late night comedian stephen colbert raising eyebrows after he pull filled a quest to wear a black lives matter wristband during his show. was the show the right outlet for this message?
6:16 am
is it the right message. joining us is ashley bell. mr. bell, great to see you. >> good morning. >> what do you make of stephen colbert wearing the wrist band? i'm sure he doesn't fully understand, maybe he does, what do you think of it? >> he's an entertainer, he has a right to wear whatever he wants. the issue is bigger than a hashtag or slogan. if you have a conversation, you got to have a group of people together who understand these issues intimately. you got to have police officers at the table, prosecutors, criminal justice experts, which is why the first thing, 2020 leaders partner with the national association of black police officers so we can have a real discussion. you can't talk about community policing without the police. >> okay. what are the real issues or solutions to those? >> well, our group has one goal is to educate every presidential candidate on these issues and they will start at the beginning
6:17 am
of any random police officer pulling you over to the side of the road to sharonda jones convicted of her first gram and didn't have drugs or non-violent crime but sentenced to life in jail and she'll die in jail unless we see meaningful reform and we need a president that needs to see their sentences need to be commuted. we need to make sure the next president understands these issues. >> there is wide consensus the clinton administration, everybody benefitted for people living in the neighborhoods and every neighborhood. you have to balance those two imperatives. >> you have to but these issues are broader than that, tucker.
6:18 am
when you talk about folks with felonies, convicted, ten, 20 years ago that live in states like georgia with a great republican governor bringing jobs to the state, they can't sign up because they have felonies decades old that have nothing to do with the jobs they are trying to apply for. we need meaningful reform, economic boost to these communities so people can get back to work. >> i completely agree with you 100%. the crime rate again is ticking up. it's not one man's imagination, the numbers are there, the murder rate, armed robbery, rape, those numbers are up in major cities, is this ominous, you think? >> no, the crime rates will flex wait but at the end of the day you can't have a good conversation about policing without police officers. one thing original about 2020 is we have mayors in the group. these are the people who will make the real change and hiring police chiefs. these are folks paying police officers and making sure they have what they need, folks that
6:19 am
will provide body cameras to make sure we have evidence and no more need to rely on cell phones and ipads to make sure that we have real evidence when real crimes are committed. >> ashley bell joining us live this morning. thanks for coming on. good to see you. >> thank you. >> when this whole e-mail scandal started in the clinton campaign, hillary clinton seemed to think it was funny. >> you were the official in charge. did you wipe the server? >> wipe with a cloth or something? >> i don't know. you know how it works digitally? >> i don't know how it works digitally at all. >> terrifying democratic donors. we learned the e-mails could be recovered. we'll bring it. incredible survival story, a woman found alive in her car two days after crashing thanks to two people that heard her cries for help. one of those joins us next live. ♪ take it from my hands because i can't do this on my own ♪ ♪ i'm going to let it go, so
6:20 am
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6:23 am
looking good on a sunday morning. quick headlines in the entertainment world. taylor swift slammed with a lawsuit after a denver dj says she cost him a job. she accused him of touching her inappropriately after a meet and greet. he was go two days later. >> george clooney wants to help the ladies. he's suggesting writers feature women in roles intended for men after sandra bullock's character was written that very way. listen tho this incredible
6:24 am
story of survival a. woman left clinging to her life after driving off the side of a mountain. this car crashed hundreds of feet down after she went through to guard rail after a couple taken pictures on a hike heard her desperate cries for help and took action. here with the amazing story is spencer drydon. welcome to "fox and friends". >> good to be here. take me back to that afternoon when you were out there walking and heard something in the woods. what did you hear? >> first, it seemed to be what sounded like kids crying for help, and after we realized it wasn't some kids playing in the woods, we decided to take some action towards it. >> so this is like hundreds of feet from where you were, and it was probably pretty difficult to see, right? >> i couldn't, i didn't see anything at first. i had to climb down the mountain
6:25 am
and find out what was going on. >> so you climbed down the mountain and eventually you find this car. what did you do then? >> i approached the vehicle and i found a woman inside who said that she had been in there for two days and, you know, wanted me to get some help. >> so it sounds like she, she didn't know you were there at the time, right? she had just been screaming for two straight days hoping someone would hear her? >> i don't -- yeah, i guess so. i don't know how long she had been screaming for or if she knew i was up there and taking a chance at it. >> unbelievable. you told your girlfriend to go back down the mountain, is that right, to get some help when you stayed with her? >> i was up, e wewe were still n the hill at that point and heard scams and didn't have service so
6:26 am
i told her to drive down the hill and find somebody that could call for help while i went and found whoever was calling for help. >> we understand she's in serious condition this morning, but you stood there and watched as they put splints on her. how is she doing, have you heard? >> i've only heard things i've read in news articles that my mom sent me. other than that, no one has contacted me on it. >> you haven't spoken to her yet, right? >> no. >> and so she's obviously still in and out of consciousness there at the hospital and needed emergency help immediately. thankfully you were there after two days in the wilderness and smashing off that guard rail. spencer, thank you for joining us this morning and sharing the story. >> thank you. >> unbelievable. a mother wakes from a coma after hearing her newborn baby crying. have you ever adopted and dog and not sure the breed? we'll show you the doggie dna
6:27 am
test to reveal your mutt's history. ♪ ♪ ♪ you're my best friend blatche
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♪ ♪ more of your football powe
6:31 am
t -- photos coming your way. laura and beau, starting my day with "fox and friends". >> that's beau. >> make that dog happy. >> what a good dog. >> lisa tweets, it begins she says and a family of dallas cowboys fans gearing up for tonight. >> nancy tweets miami dolphin fans, love our food and history. sunlight stadium. >> they do have history. the only undefeated team to win a super bowl. >> patrick writes, got to start them young. eight days of age. waiting for the buffalo bills to crush the indianapolis colts today. send us your photos and we'll share more later. >> we still got time. >> are you guilty of this? and we know the answer, yes, you are. it is misusing our language, the most majestic largest language in human history and yet, all of us use the wrong words in prepositio
6:32 am
prepositions, presidential candidates do. 58 most commonly misused words. we'll start with cliche which turns out is often used as an adjective by people incorrectly. it's a noun. shak shakespeare used a lot of cliche. >> you put a d on the end. >> next up is disinterested, means unbias and does not mean uninterested so you can see the dispute should be resolved by a disinterested judge or actually you should say why are you so uninterested in my story. >> you wouldn't say why are you disinterested in my story? >> like when people saw you should unthaw something, dethaw something. why add extra letters. >> this is one of the worst. i think i used to use this until i learned that it was not a real
6:33 am
word. it's not a real word at all but you should use regardless, combining regardless and irrespective and come up with ir regardless. someone sent this in this morning, lonan, loan is a noun, not a verb. lend. >> lend. >> i don't think that's right but sounds right to me. >> so if you say -- >> a lot of people are guilty. >> my banker is in under writing for our loan. >> they they are not going to loan me money, they are going to lend me money. >> we got a lot of people fired up. >> this morning, here is jeane, my grammar pet peeves, i instead of me and using less when referring to a davisble item. >> if you can divide it with a numberer, it's fewer, if it's not, it's less. >> pet peeve from julie, when
6:34 am
people say vica versa instead of vice versa. >> kathy says wait on or wait for. we wait on tables, we wait for information. we often hear anchors say waiting on an event when they ought to be saying waiting for an event. anchors are major offenders. lee writes, people split the word another for instance, that is a whole nother story. it should be it's a whole other story. >> we see how good or bad people are with spelling and grammar because we text more so it's more in your face but because of the number of characters on twitter, people think that's an excuse. >> a lot, they combine it as one word, it's two words, a lot. >> yeah. >> send us in your thoughts and
6:35 am
your most commonly used. >> we're getting a lot of feedback. 34 minutes after the hour. a bloodily brawl turns deadly in a prison in oklahoma. three inmates are dead and five hurt. at the correction facility in oklahoma, one guard inside the housing pod when the fight started. the same prison was locked down in june when the riot sent 11 inmates to the hospital. >> shedding light on something we've been asking for weeks. >> you were the official in charge. did you wipe the server? >> what, with a cloth or something? >> i don't know. i don't know how it works digitally? >> i don't know how it works digitally at all. >> we may know the answer. the tech company that managed the server reportedly never wiped it clean, that means investigators could discover the 31,000 deleted e-mails she deemed personal. with materials considered
6:36 am
classified. and brought back to life by the sound of her newborn, last year shelley cally slipped into a coma of an emergency c section. doctors tried to wake her up for a week when they decided to place her newborn baby girl on her chest and the baby let out a wail and she began to wake up. >> i remember just crying and telling them i was scared that i wasn't going to wake up afterwards and it's erie to think about now because i didn't know at that time what was going to happen. >> wasn't like a miraculous wakeup right away, it was just she kind of started fighting and the machines and medicine they were using were able to help. >> oh, wow. the family just celebrated ryland's first birthday. the baby saved mama's life. >> computers and vital signs started to go off.
6:37 am
pretty great. >> some things are so basic like rick, standing by in the weather center in a good way. fundamental way. >> i heard your mom say you're supposed to sing happy birthday to somebody. >> to aunt becky. >> your first trip to new york and you're not going to say it? >> no. >> that was your chance. that was yours chance. happy birthday. take a look at the weather map to show you what is going on. put the map into motion, lots of cloud cover across the northeast and showers. heaviest around parts of new england towards the evening and chilly morning. the front that brought air is stalled across parts of florida and we'll see showers today, tonight and for the most part a spectacular day across the south into the northern plains a chilly start to the morning but we're going to warm up a little bit, at least warmer than yesterday and tomorrow getting even warmer still and we'll see tons of sunshine, finally out across parts of the west, we'll
6:38 am
see some very light rain showers across parts of california. nothing that's going to help really with the fires at all and we have horrible air quality, all kinds of air quality alerts across valleys in california from the fires going on there. fire threat again today across much of the pacific northwest and the northern rockies, improvement by tuesday and wednesday. back to you inside. >> thanks a million, rick. 38 minutes after the hour, rescue your furry friend from a shelter, chances are you don't know what breed or breeds it is but if you're dying to find out, get a doggie dna test. >> joining us now is our friend and his outstanding adopted dog and here to show us, experts here, great to see you both. >> thank you. >> you can test your dog's dna. for real? >> that's the only way to know for sure. what do you think daisy is made of? >> we were told hound spaniel,
6:39 am
she has a tendency to herd the dogs at the dog run as well as us so we don't know. >> those are great guesses and might be the case but what you see is not always necessarily what you get. so some of the advantages to doing a dog dna test is not only satisfying curiosity but understanding heritage is help your vet and understand if there are predetermined diseases -- >> hip dysplasia, something you want to know about in advance to have a protocol. >> we want to know who and how -- [ laughter ] >> we want the -- >> also understanding their ancestry can help you with training them and understanding personality and why they do the things they do. is it painful? easy? expensive? it cost $85. we're using a test from wisdom panel. >> coming at me again. >> it's super easy and actually, there we go.
6:40 am
we want to make sure that your dog has not eaten in two hours before this test, what i'm doing is a getting a cheek cell sample and twisting the swab. >> between the cheek and gum. >> not the saliva. saliva doesn't have dna but the cells in the cheek. let this dry for five minutes and do two of them but they send you the kid and you do two swabs. mail it into the company. they analyze it and send you the results. >> in her case, she's likely to be 100% good dog. >> that's a guarantee. >> she's a certified mutigree. i love about this test it tests for drug sensitivity and information that would be valuable to your veterinarian. >> you said when you go to the vet they try to give you blood tests and they can be hundreds of dollars and sometimes going, is this something i really need to do for my animal? >> shock. >> everything. so is this something that we ought to do? should this take priority if you
6:41 am
have a mutt? >> i think this could potentially save you money in the long run. the more information we have now, the better bpet parents we can be. if she's predisposed to ear infections or hip dysplasia, preventive care is less expensive than reactive care. >> is the myth true mutts are healthier? >> they are, you know, mutts have bred out the difficult problem traits. they typically are healthier. you can go to -- >> there is good news for you. >> $85. >> three weeks from now and you'll come back and give us results. >> there it is. canine dna test, get one. here's what's coming up 41 minutes after the hour. a warning about the economy, the next big recession could be three years away. which potential hopeful could
6:42 am
start it. weighing in on that next. plus, nothing says the start of football season like football and tailgating and beer. four beer infused recipes you won't want to miss. ♪ ♪ ♪ verizon has backup generators for most of their towers, so they're ready if the power ever goes down. (bird screeching)
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i wonder why they save those backups... and not just put them in the regular rotation. i bet if they just had the chance, some of those backups would really shine. no matter what happens, a reliable network has your back.
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you pay your auto insurance every month on the dot. you're like the poster child for paying on time. and then one day you tap the bumper of a station wagon. no big deal... until your insurance company
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jacks up your rates. you freak out. what good is having insurance if you get punished for using it? hey insurance companies, news flash. nobody's perfect. for drivers with accident forgiveness, liberty mutual won't raise your rates due to your first accident. see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance. well, a brand-new warning from economists, as we get closer to the 2016 elections, according to a survey, experts predicting the next big recession could happen in 2018. that would give the next president a year to get things under control. >> who would be the best candidate to tackle the job? is it too early to tell or are we starting to get a peak? >> we need to see gran l plan
6:46 am
specifics. we don't know who has the best economic plan. donald trump is talking about lowering taxes for hedge fund managers and others are talking about regulation. the whole field is talking regulation, they want to pull that in which is a great point but the truth is and it's a surprise right now because we see these numbers that come out and loo expected sometimes, you don't really think about recession with growth and okay jobs numbers but fact is the entire area of our economy and industrial part of our economy is breaking down. these are telltale signs, oil, copper, the things china buys and leads global growth, the global story is in recession. >> emphasis is on wages. that's what the candidates are talking about. should be on jobs? those are two different things. >> jobs and growth. growth is really what you want and we just, we're at a two, 2.5
6:47 am
u.s. we need to get that up to what jeb bush was talking about, 4% or more. >> realtorry. >> talking about jeb bush's tax plan may fuel growth so taxes, jobs, that's what we can do to insulate ourselves from this global crisis? >> i think tax reform is critical for sure because the fact is there are so many companies that have hundreds of billions of dollars sitting over seas that don't want to bring them back to the u.s. because they get taxed double and then of course the highest corporate tax in the world that's leaving that money there and then of course, it's taxes overall, our highs in all income levels and so tax reform would do a lot to unleash some money but there are other things, too. there is regulation which is a major issue between today frank, cost skyrocketed. they aren't going to hire new people and not invest if they
6:48 am
have regulatory fees. we'll talk about that with hailey barber, the mississippi governor, how he sees the field and who has this economic plan for all of these issues coming up. >> you have gary, the most interesting guest i think of any show i've seen on right after our show. if you don't watch it, there is something wrong. 12 minutes from now sunday morning. >> have a great day. coming up here on the show, it's the first football sunday of the year. four tasty tailgate dishes all made with beer. speaking to my wheelhouse. how to make them, next. >> marinade. >> mmmm. shopping online... as easy as it gets. wouldn't it be great if hiring plumbers, carpenters and even piano tuners... were just as simple? thanks to angie's list, now it is. start shopping online... ...from a list of top rated providers. visit today.
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i'm a gas service rep for pg&e in san jose.. as a gas service rep we are basically the ambassador of the company. we make the most contact with the customers on a daily basis. i work hand-in-hand with crews to make sure our gas pipes are safe. my wife and i are both from san jose. my kids and their friends live in this community. every time i go to a customer's house, their children could be friends with my children so it's important to me. one of the most rewarding parts of this job is after you help a customer, seeing a smile on their face. together, we're building a better california.
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call an audible. are you ready? >> we're kicking off football sunday with the best kept dishes for your tailgate. >> here to show us the great dishes for the daytime and nighttime, chris shea. >> the wayfair, are you joking? >> oh, yum. >> can we have a piece while we're doing this? >> absolutely. this is cheddar before rautwurst. >> let's start with the onion beer pairing. >> this is sour cream, a little bit of chimea beer, some spices, onions that have been sweated down. idaho potatoes cooked in a little bit of could nnola oil. >> this isn't french onion dip
6:53 am
in a packet? rchlt >> no. it's lower salt and fat than using store bought. >> how key is brautwurst to football? >> he i'm not sure you can have football without this. >> tucker is hovering over the beer cheese fondue. >> this is a tiny little bit of cheddar, hal jalapeno jack. smoke turkey skewers with bacon. >> this is how you would serve it? >> yes. great who a great who are dofr with bred. >> these are a bunch of options with fondue. >> it's a great way to elevate your tailgate party. >> elevate your life. >> oh, man. >> have a little bit of beer at the same time. >> all right.
6:54 am
i saw this earlier, it looked like empanatas. >> those are homemade apple pies. easy to heat up on the grill. this is guinness vanilla custard. heavy cream, guinness. >> can you do this on the grill or do it inside? >> i made them at home, wrapped them all up and we bake everything off on the grill. >> even if you're not a beer -- how much alcohol is in them? >> very little. >> very little. in the cold weather, the bitterness of the beer and the happiness from the beer. >> if you're a friend -- >> the baked potatoes, what are those? those look like little footballs. tiny footballs. >> these are stuffed potatoes. i baked them in my little caddy here.
6:55 am
>> i don't want these to get in the way of the brautwurst. you have a little hors d'oeuvre and you bake them. this is a barbe cue sauce that of course we added a little bit of beer to. >> of course. >> and that way -- >> this might be the best tailgate party -- >> kind of like bacon, makes everything better. >> makes everything better. you have a whole meal here. >> where are you going to be holding your next tail dwight party and am i invited? >> at met life stadium. >> if i want cheese infused brautwurst, where do i get it? >> this is from a farm in new jersey. here's the pork, we serve it at the wayfair. >> will you text me the number? >> yes. >> more "fox & friends" coming up in a couple of minutes. we'll share your tailgating pictures. send them our way.
6:56 am
>> go, bengals! ♪ ♪ hey america, still not sure whether to stay or go on that business trip? ♪ should i stay or should i go well this fall stay with choice hotels two times and earn a free night. when it comes to business, you always have a choice. book now at the new
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♪ ♪ this is better than all the best. you've been sending in your football photos. my niece avery ready for eli and the giants. >> this is jack, our 9-year-old golden retriever. he's ready for football as a wide receiver. jack of course a dallas cowboys fan. >> lakisha writes my husband steps this up every sunday. my neighborhood kids love this.
7:00 am
#diehardgiantsfan. >> marcia and her family cheering on her team, the titans. >> thanks to chris and the wayfair hotel. >> good american. tomorrow spencer is here. and it is on to round two. hi, everyone. i'm maria bartiromo. welcome to "sunday morning futures." gop candidates hitting the rounds just ahead of the next presidential debate this week. who has the momentum? who's looking to make moves against front-runner donald trump? we will preview what is at stake for the gop field ahead of the big debate. plus, more trouble for hillary clinton this morning. a new report suggesting her private e-mail server may have never been wiped after all. do those e-mails still exist? could they be recovered? growing concerns about the milita


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